Friday, February 15, 2008

I am a Piano Groupie

I'm a piano groupie....not just piano actually, but guitar and banjo and now ukulele as well! My husband Tag is a musician, and there's nothing I enjoy more than going along with him to his gigs and listening to him play. Last night was Valentine's Day, and he was asked to play piano at a local coffee shop called the Java Room. They have a beautiful grand piano so it's not hard for him to say yes! The people who own the Java Room love his mellow, tinkling style of background music. They put on a big spread, lowered the lights, and made some nice romantic Valentine memories for some happy couples. I go along, sit at the table nearest the piano, bring a great book and just enjoy myself for three hours, reading, listening to great music, and people watching. Since I met my husband, my horizons have broadened, musically. We spend many nights going to open mics at coffee shops (where sometimes he's actually gotten me up to sing!) or to outdoor concerts or whatever. Most of the stuff we find to go see is usually free.....and there's a core of musicians who know each other and show up at these functions, so it's become a social outlet as well. It's been a wonderful learning experience for me. And there's nothing like having a musician in the house...many nights I read in my recliner with the relaxing background music of my husband strumming his guitar or diddling around on the banjo. There's no better way to spend an evening.

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