Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Day Tradition

Several years ago, Hubby surprised me with a trip to the Aquarium for Valentine's Day.  For most, that wouldn't seem like the most romantic thing to do.  But for me, it was very romantic, because I just love penguins!  And our New England Aquarium in Boston has the largest display of penguins I've ever seen.   Somehow, we've made this our tradition.  Here's this year's trip:

We start the trip by taking the train into Boston.  This is really Hubby's part of the Valentine gift, since he's the one that really loves taking the train.

Our first stop, of course, is the penguin tank.  I wish I could just reach over and grab one of these little guys and tuck him into our backpack.

We saw the harbor seals being trained.  This guy is painting a heart for Valentine's Day.

And we got to see a Valentine's Day seal-smooch.

Notice my penguins in the background.

You can never have too many pictures of fish.

I loved the coloring on this guy, but he was camera shy.   I chased him all over the place trying to get his photo.

Real coral.....and I love this guy's fins.

Hubby's favorite is the dragon fish.  Can you see him?

Jellies are so peaceful and beautiful.

They have a new Manta touch tank.  There's supposed to be sharks in there too that you can touch, but apparently they are "shy"!

We made sure to be there to watch the penguins being fed.  They're pushy little buggers.  And pretty funny when they knock each other off the rocks to get a better chance at the food.

It amazed me that each penguin got four or five fish.....some of the fish looked bigger than the penguins!

This is the giant sea turtle seen from the top of the enormous central tank.

Couldn't resist a photo with the penguin and his baby....even if is it was a statue.

Walking through Quincy Marketplace, they always have an ice sculpture where you can have your romantic photo taken.

And the real reason for Hubby's trip to Boston.   We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory!


Me (aka Danielle) said...

What a fun tradition!! I think traditions like this, which are unique to the individual/couple are the best traditions of all!!

Kaye said...

I could watch those penguins all day long!