Friday, February 10, 2012

It's the Little Things

A friend of mine, Betsi Mandrioli,  wrote a song called "It's the Little Things".  (If you go to her site, you can click on a link of the song on the right-hand side)   In the song, she talks about all the little things that make her relationship with her husband so special.    He leaves the porch light on when she's out.  She hands him Advil before he even asks, because she can tell he has a headache.  

Most good relationships are like that.   All the little things that make your love so real. 

My hubby is the king of "the little things".   One of my favorites is the cup waiting on the counter near the tea pot in the morning when I get up, complete with tea bag and spoon.   It shows me that he's thinking of me before he leaves for work.

This past week has been horrendously stressful at work.  Hubby has been the soul of patience, listening to me blab along about all the drama.   He knows I needed to relax, so he told me he'd give me some TLC last night.

And so he planned, shopped for, cooked and cleaned up a wonderful dinner for me.  Not only was it a dinner, it was all my favorite things:

A beautiful salad


Marinated chicken on the grill with mushrooms!

Homemade mashed potatoes

Steamed Broccoli

The thing about this meal is, it didn't just relax me for the evening - it finally made me realize how stupid I've been.  How crazy I am that I've allowed situations beyond my control to overshadow the most fantastic thing in my life.   That no one in the world has a Hubby like mine, who loves me so much and is willing to do anything for me.   Why have I been wasting my time with stupid crap, when I have so much that's wonderful in my life?

Everyone is a work in progress, and I'm no different.  I'm going to try, once again, to change my attitude and count my blessings, rather than my aggravations.  

And when I'm stressed out at work, I'll think of grilled chicken and mashed poatoes.


Joan J said...

I'm so impressed. First, by Tag's cooking, but second by your thinking through this stressful episode at work and discovering how unimportant it really is in the grand scheme of things. Good on ya'!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the little things ARE the big things, or should be...right? Love your hubby!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Man, I do typos like no one I know..sorry!