Sunday, February 12, 2012

Instead of this......let's do that

Trying to prioritize projects when you've bought a new old house isn't easy.  Especially when that house is almost 100 years old, and was woefully neglected by the previous owners.   The 1970's orange shag rug in the living room is proof of that.

So Hubby and I tried to decide what should be done first, second, etc.   The most obviously glaring and disgusting things needed to be tended to first.   The ripped and peeling bathroom floor, the rusted medicine cabinet, the leak in the roof at the chimney all came first.

Of course, cost comes into play during the decision-making process.   $6 wallpaper and free floor tiles in the bathroom puts that project ahead of the thousand-dollar remodel we'll need to update the kitchen.

A new bathroom vanity and sink were well down on the list. Even though the vanity was rickety and shaky, it was functional and didn't look too bad.  Until this happened:

Apparently, the staples holding the whole thing together let go.   Now it was neither functional nor aesthetically pleasing.

So off we went to Home Depot to buy a new vanity.  We found one we like that also had a sink top, and figured we'd be on our way.   But of course, nothing is ever as easy as you think it's going to be.
No matter how much we pushed, shoved, turned, rotated, cursed or yelled, the damn box would not fit into our car.  We tried the trunk.  We tried the back seat.  We considered tying it to the roof.  But it wasn't happening.

We called Jamie, the only person we know in Salem with a truck.   She wasn't in town.   We thought of Doug, who has an SUV, but 8:30 on a Friday night didn't seem like a good time to ask someone to come out and save us.

So we coughed up an extra $20 and fulfilled Hubby's dream of driving a Home Depot "rent me by the hour" truck.

We had to hurry, because the store closed at 9, and if we didn't have it back by then, we'd have to brign it back in the morning and pay for the entire night.   Luckily, we live literally less than 2 miles from the store, and we got the vanity home and the truck back just before 9. 

(This included "topping it off" with gas.  Despite the fact that we drove about 3 miles in it, the store employee insisted that unless we had proof that we'd filled it back up, they'd have to charge us an extra fee.)

And the next morning, Hubby got to work.

And it came out looking like this;

One more item checked off on our list of things to do!

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