Monday, February 13, 2012

Painting a House - the 4 year old way!

We got the call during the week.   Emily had been given a big, wooden dollhouse.   It needed painting.  And Emily insisted that "Pepere has to help me paint it."  She knows that Pepere is a painter, because he has lots of paints in his studio room.

So we agreed to have Emily over with her dollhouse for a painting party.  When Emily assured Pepere she had on her painting clothes, and asked if he had his on, Pepere said, "All my clothes are painting clothes!"

We set up the house on the kitchen table.

And Emily added the first color.

She was very gracious about allowing us to color it "anyway you want".  

A lot of the fun was in the mixing.

We spent two hours painting......and we still have a ways to go.

After a clean-up and a change of clothes, we settled down to read the book we gave her for Valentine's Day.

Then enjoyed some pizza (has to be Papa Gino's!)  while we watched an episode of "Calliou".

Then Pepere decided it would be fun to get her all riled up again playing with his drums!

Enjoy the show!


tag vennard said...

the blue floor is the indoor swimming pool

Kaye said...

She has good taste in pizza - there is no equal to Papa Gino's. Every time we come up north, that's on the must eat list!