Thursday, February 23, 2012

This n That

It's been a week since I put up a post.   That probably makes it seem like I've been incredibly busy, but I have not.  What's been happening this week?

*  We unfortunately had a few deaths in the family.  That old superstition about deaths coming in threes seems to hold true.  Except in our case it was four.  Okay.....a couple of them were pretty far-fetched.  One was my cousin's wife's son (my second step-cousin in-law??)  and another was my niece's husband's grandmother.  (I can't even begin to figure out that relationship).   But two were my husband's aunts.  One aunt died during the week, and we found out her sister died on the day of the first one's wake.   Strange.  That leaves my husband as the patriarch of the family.  Even stranger.

*  I did put my new card-making skills to work making sympathy cards.  Despite the reason for it, it was fun.

* I decided it would be fun to make a couple of cute spring dresses for my two grand-daughters.  After a tough day at work Monday, I decided to go to the fabric store for a bit of "retail therapy".   Now, anyone who knows me knows I hate shopping.  Hate it!!  I don't usually consider shopping therapy.  But in this case I thought it would be fun and relaxing to browse through the patterns and pick out fabric.    After finding two very cute patterns in the new Spring pattern book, I was informed that "those patterns aren't in yet.  They'll be here in a few weeks."  What?????   That's just mean!  Since I couldn't get the patterns, it seemed fruitless to browse through the fabric.   So I went home and did what I usually do.  I found the patterns I liked on-line and ordered them.  They should be here in a couple of days.

* I've been playing Words with Friends through Facebook.  I have about 6 or 7 games going.  It takes up more time than I think it should, it's aggravating when I have either all vowels or all consonants, and even more aggravating when I'm losing......but I'm hooked on it.

* Hubby and I have been pretty stagnant the past couple months.  Even though the weather here has been unbelievable (as in - NO snow......and I mean none!)  we were winter couch potatoes.  We didn't do anything with house renovations, we didn't go out to open mics or music venues.   But I'm starting to feel the spring juices flowing, and it's time to get moving.  We'll be going to an open mic tomorrow night, and hopefully pulling up the carpet in our bedroom to start that renovation project this weekend.  Things are starting to move!

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Joan J said...

So sorry to hear about the losses. It is a bit strange about the sisters! I saw Tag's photo of the family on FB - so sweet. Like you, I got hooked on FB Words. Finally gave it up.

Do you have a Hancock fabric in your area? If not, check them online. Just yesterday they had all their Simplicity patterns for $1 each. They do the same with the other name brands now and then - you just have to watch their flyers.

Can't wait to see your first dress creation! I just finished a sweet little ruffled dress and jacket for Aimee. Will post photos on my blog later this week.

Big hug!