Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I know money is tight these days, but here are some real-life scenarios that happened in my office:

1)  Phone Call

Member:  I have a question about my bill.

Me:  (thinking she means her membership bill) Let me check that for you.

I check her account and see nothing amiss.

Me: What seems to be the problem

Member:  My car was towed, and they charged me for 6 extra miles and it was only 5. 
They overcharged me by $4. 

Me: If it was 5.1 miles, they would have charged you for 6.

Member:  Oh no, my husband and I each went out seperately and measured the distance in our cars with our odometers and it was just 5.

Seriously?   $4???


2)  In the Office

Member:  I'd like to buy Disney tickets.  I need a whole bunch of them.  I need 2  2-day passes, and 2 2-day Park hoppers, and 2 2-day water park passes.

Me:  Are these all for different people?

Member: No, they're all for me and my wife.

Me:  Sir, it would be much more cost effective to buy 6-day park hoppers with water parks.  With Disney tickets, the more days you buy on one ticket, the less you pay per day. 

I do all the math and demonstrate to him how, if he does it my way, he will save over $250.

Member:  Wow, thank you so much.  You saved me a bundle of money.

That afternoon - on the phone - same member:

Member:  I made a mistake.  I should have bought 5 day passes.  I don't think we'll use 6 days.

Me:  Sir  - the difference between 5 days and 6 days is $8 per ticket.  (I'm thinking now I have to void the whole sale and do it over again)

Member:  yea, so I'll come in and change them tomorrow.

Seriously?   $16 on an $1100 sale?


3)  My very favorite:

Member:  I'd like you to explain these charges to me on this receipt.  My husband bought these gift cards and movie tickets two days before Christmas.

Me:  Well, it looks like I charged him as a non-member.   Let me check.

I check the account and sure enough, his membership was cancelled in July.   Her membership, however, is valid.

Member:  He shouldn't be cancelled.  I didn't cancel him.

Me:  Let me check with Membership.

I call membership, and they assure me he was cancelled.  However, they can re-instate him as of today.

I explain this to the member and she says, "oh no, you can't reinstate him.  He died Christmas day."

Seriously?  You spend time 2 weeks after your husband suddenly died sorting through receipts and confronting a company that you think overcharged him by less than $20?


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Pamela D. Hart said...

Oh my.

You know what they say...common sense is NOT common.

And it sounds like YOU have the patience of a SAINT!