Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Found" money

Everybody loves Found Money.   That being money that you didn't expect.   I always think it's great to use that money for something you didn't really need.   
Somehow, in the past few weeks, we've been the recipients of an awful lot of Found Money.

1)   Last paycheck day, when I checked my online banking, Hubby had his regular check, and another deposit for $608.   Turns out he got a bonus that he never even knew about.

2)  Hubby's Mom left a small IRA, and his share was $400.

3)  When we did our gig, we didn't expect to make any money, but the Bull Run wrote us out a check for $238.

4)  I got the Penske Moving Truck mystery caller at work, and because I answered all the questions correctly, I got a gift card for $25.

5)   We went and cashed in the jar of change we've been collecting for 5 years.  Since Hubby and I don't use cash much, we use debit cards, we figured there was probably less than $20 in there.   There was $53.53.

6)  Hubby's sister let him know that his Mom's life insurance check came in, and his share is $2000.

We figure all of it will be used in some way:
1)  The $608 went toward the inspection and assessment for the new house.  Total $598.
2)  The $400 went toward Wendy's flowers for her wedding.  We figured in that way, it's kind of like Nana bought her the flowers.   Total $385
3) The $238 went toward giving our band some of the profit.   We gave them $50 each (for 3 of them) and kept $88 for ourselves.  We were able to take our grand-daughter out for the day without feeling guilty about spending the money.   Total $201
4)  The $25 will go toward renting the Penske truck for our move!
5)  The $53.53 will go toward our first project in the new house.  The change machine will give you cash, but they take 10%.  If you choose to get it in a gift certificate, they give you 100%, so we chose Lowe's.
6)  The $2000 will go toward appliances for the new house.   We think we'll need a refrigerator and washer and dryer.  If I can find some deals on Craigslist, I might have enough for a couch too.

I'm hoping we're using this money in a way that pleases the Karma gods, and the money keeps flowing our way.


elizasmom said...

Wow, you guys indeed lucked out with the Found Money! I think the karma gods will be pleased — you've got a good mix of responsible and fun spending in there :-)
I bet the band money is the sweetest though — it's nice to get paid for doing what you love the best.

Anonymous said...

if the karma gods continue to bless you, i'd really like to get lasik eye surgery .... just sayin'!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I think you've made awesome plans for the Found Money! Good for you!