Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wendy and Allan's Wedding

Hubby's baby girl Wendy got married yesterday.   It was a very beautiful wedding.   Wendy organized and planned the whole thing herself, which I found astounding.   It's not easy to plan a big event, and she did a fantastic job.

Hubby and Wendy leaving for the ceremony

The ceremony was at a state park.  It had rained for a full week before the wedding, but the sun shone down on us this day.   Hubby and Wendy and I hung out and waited for the ceremony to begin.

 Cool arm-length photo

Wendy had her brother Kenny, her cousin Ryan and her two girl-friends (forgot their names!) for her attendants
The Beautiful Girls whose names I have forgotten!

 Wendy's husband to be, Allan, waited at the flower arch for his bride.   We were all impressed with his haircut and fashionable beard.

The Groom Waiting for his Bride

Wendy's brother Kenny was her attendant.   And her son Noah was the Ring Bearer.  Noah wasn't all that excited about seeing all those people there, so Uncle Kenny gave him a ride.

Uncle Kenny and Noah 

Hubby was the proud father bringing his beautiful daughter in to meet her groom.   Hubby did a good job and only got teary-eyed a couple of times.

The Proud Dad escorting the Bride

It was such a beautiful day....the grass and trees were so green.....and the flower arch made a perfect frame for the ceremony.
The Bride and Groom exchange vows.

Nothing to be said about how beautiful this is.

The three of them make a beautiful family.

Wendy, Allan and Noah

The Bridal Party

A Beautiful Family

Allan's friend Lenny was supposed to be an attendant, and sadly could not make it.   So they blew him up and stuck him to cardboard.   Thus we have:

Cardboard Lenny

The reception was in a hall  and once again, Wendy did a fabulous job of decorating.   Everyone brought a dish, and there was more food there than you can imagine.   The guests ate and drank and danced.  

Daddy's Dance with his daughter Bride

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