Saturday, May 28, 2011

Visiting the Farm

Hubby and I had the great good fortune to spend the day with Emily today.   She's three and 3/4 years old, and she's an absolute blast to hang out with.    We went and visited Charmingfare Farm.    And because we were idiots and forgot the camera, you'll have to use your imagination and pretend there are pictures with the text.

First stop was the pigs.   Since it was the first stop, Emily was a bit hesitant to go into the little piggy house, but that was the last time all day she was timid.

She loved the little piggy curly tails.   She wasn't impressed with the turkey.  (Imagine photo here of Pepere holding her so she could see the pigs without getting too close)

We stopped at the sheep pen, and she laughed herself hysterical over the fact that every time she bleated, the baby sheep bleated back at her.  (Imagine photo here of Emily laughing uproriously while little fuzzy black sheep stare at her)

We took a ride on the tractor train, and got a tour of the farm.   Unfortunately, she saw the "playground" which was a wooden ship with one slide on it, and decided she wanted to play there rather than see the rest of the animals.  (Imagine photo here of Emily AND PEPERE sliding down the slide ........too much to imagine?)

We finally dragged her away from the playground, and continued walking.  She was intrigued with the map of the farm, and asked us every 2 1/2 minutes to "check the map".   I was actually pretty impressed that she understood how a map worked.   A future employee of AAA perhaps?

We saw a camel (we named her Alice....after the song) and we saw a reindeer with a full rack (Rudolph, of course).   Emily thought it was hilarious that the reindeer ate the dandelions she kept throwing through the fence.

We saw a bunch of ducks and geese, and plenty of baby geese.  (Imagine photo here of Pepere gingerly trying to get past the geese while the Mama Goose hissed at him to stay away from her babies.)

We also got to ride on a wagon pulled by two big draft horses, Joy and Jewel.   Emily loved that one horse was named "Jewelry" because after all, that's what princesses wear.

And naturally, the most fun to be had was playing in the mud puddles near the playground, to the point where I offered to buy Emily some new sneakers when we took her  home.  (Imagine photo here of pink sneakers completely black with mud).

The final evidence of a good day was the fact that Emily fell asleep in the car as soon as we hit the road, with her hand inside the bag of goldfish she was going to eat as a snack on the way home.  (Imagine photo here of Pepere zonked out on the couch for 2 hours after he got home!).

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tag vennard said...

and we pooped out pepere too. Insert photo of Tag sleeping on the couch for 3 hours as soon as we got home.
also insert photo of memere going down the pirate ship slide.
we all had a great day!