Saturday, May 14, 2011

Anyone Have A Carrot?

I went for my yearly physical last week.   Yes, I'm one of those who goes to the doctor every year.  And no, not because I really want to.   I go because I have hypertension.    Surprise!  Who doesn't right?   But......I've had hypertension since I was a teenager and weighed about 120 pounds.   And because I do, I have to go to the doctor every year or they won't refill my medication for another year.

Last year, the doctor told me my cholesterol was "borderline".  Surprise!   Isn't everyone's?   So, because I don't really want to be on medication for my cholesterol, I've been trying for the last year to make everything I eat "fat free" or at least "low fat".   She also said I was low in Vitamin D, so I started taking a vitamin D vitamin every day.

This year, they didn't comment on my cholesterol (I have yet to get anything in the mail that has my "numbers") but.......they did call and leave a message on my phone saying I'm "pre-diabetic".    I'm pretty sure that means the same as "borderline".    Oh and by the way, my vitamin B was low.

So let's blood pressure is high, my cholesterol is borderline, my sugar is borderline, my Vitamin D and Vitamin B are low.

So I should avoid salt because that exacerbates the high blood pressure, I should avoid fatty foods to help my cholesterol level, and now I should avoid sugar and carbs to keep my blood sugar from rising high enough to be medicated for diabetes.   Oh yes, and keep my diet high in Vitamin D and B.

Carrots, maybe?   Maybe it'll improve my eyesight!

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Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I know..if it's not one's 15 others! Can't eat this..avoid that..wathch out for this ..oh..and eat LOTS of this! Sometimes I see their lips moving but what I am hearing is..blah blah blah. blah blahblahblah..