Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Offer

Last night we went out with our real estate agent and looked at more houses.   We are on a deadline.   The person buying our condo has it in his contract that we will have a purchase and sales agreement on a house by May 20 (aka THIS FRIDAY) so that he can take possession of our condo on June 24. So "time is of the essence", as they say.

We looked at a very nice house in Windham.  All newly renovated.   About $30K more than I really wanted to pay.  No wiggle room because they just poured lots of money into it.

Then we looked at 3 places in Nashua, any of which would have been okay, except, no offense, they are in Nashua.   We have a saying here in Salem about Nashua.  "You can't get there from here".   Even though on a map they look close, it's at least 45 minutes from Salem to Nashua.   Yuck!

And we drove all the way up to Manchester to see a house that we could tell from the outside just wouldn't do.

And we did a "drive-by" of a house in Salem......that seemed to be just what we wanted.....that had a fabulous on a more in our price range.......etc, etc, etc.

So basically....the choice was between the newly renovated but out of our price range house in Windham, or the house we hadn't seen the inside of in Salem.

We went to see the Salem house tonight, and we put on offer on it.   I'm sure our real estate agent thought we were insane, because this house needs work.   Not  put-a-new-roof-revamp-the-plumbing expensive type of work.  It needs new floors, ceilings, walls, etc.   All cosmetic. 

And Hubby and I think that's just grand.  We'd rather buy something in our price range, and put some sweat equity into it, and make it our own.   We just put the offer in tonight, so hopefully we will find out how things  go in the next couple of days.

I'll keep you posted.

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