Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm A Lucky Mother

I'm very ambivalent about Mother's Day.   I think it's awfully nice that someone out there decided motherhood was a serious enough job to dedicate a day to it.   On the other hand, why should the world need a reminder that Mothers should be honored?

I am certainly a lucky mother.   I have three really great kids.   And they all made time to see me on Mother's Day.   Daughter texted me the day before and invited me out for breakfast.   Son #2 called and asked to come over for an afternoon visit...and he did, bearing a card and candy.  And I visited Son #1 at his house because baby Grand-daughter was laid up, and Son had remembered to get me a card and a new flag for our hopefully new house.   My kids really understand the importance of family, and of being there for each other on joyous days, as well as days of sorrow.

And I guess I realized more than ever this year how very lucky I am.   My friend at work was NOT looking forward to Mother's Day.   She said more than once that she wished no one had ever thought it up.   She has two sons who are less than attentive to special occasions, and she figured they wouldn't even bother to come see her. 

And a member of my own family was so saddened by the fact that her husband didn't even bother to make a special occasion out of the fact that she is the mother of his two-year-old son.

In my opinion ALL Mothers are special EVERY day of the year.   It's wonderful to be acknowledged on this special day.......and I truly wish every mother in the world could have felt the pride and joy of her children on a day meant for happiness.

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