Friday, June 3, 2011

Let's Keep those Dollars Rolling in!

Since I seemed to be on a roll with the money situation, I figured I'd help myself and do a little work to save us some more money.

1)  I ordered my Penske truck, using my 12% AAA member discount, my $25 AAA employee discount, and my $25 gift card I got from the Penske Mystery Caller.

2)  I called Comcast to find out about switching my service from the condo to the new house.   I explained that $125 a month just wasn't in our budget anymore, so my Comcast associate, "Paul" dug around and found me a "special" that will give me internet and cable for TV (the TV at a plan one step higher than we're at now) for $80 for the next 12 months.

3)  I called Verizonwireless to see where I could save some money there.   After putting Hubby on the plan a couple months ago, we started out at 700 minutes and $90/month.   Not acceptable, since we use less than 200 minutes combined a month.   Last month, after some cajoling, I got someone to give me a plan of 550 minutes for $70/month.  Still kinda high.   So yesterday I called again and asked for an even lower plan.   The lady explained to me that the 550 minute plan wasn't even supposed to be offered any more, and she couldn't give me anything cheaper.  HOWEVER, she did notice there was a special for a free month with a 1-year contract, and since I just started a 2-year contract, she could give me a month for free.  TA-DA!

4)  The new house has a brand spanking new water heater, which we were informed was being leased for $18/month.  They presented it to us like we would be taking over the lease.  I called the company, and they said the lease was under the name of the present owners, and was non-transferable.   The present owners must pay the rest of the lease.  The new water tank will not be repo'd.

5)  We were unsure whether the owners were taking the fridge and washer and dryer.  I've been looking on Craigslist, and was finding fridge's for $200-$400 and washer/dryers for $300-$500.    I called the real estate agent to ask him if he could find out for sure if they were taking the ones in the house, before I go out and buy something.  He said he'd just been contacted by the seller's agent, who wanted to know if we wanted to buy all three pieces for $250.   SWEET!   I said yes!

It's almost getting too good to be true.   I feel that large elastic band of life streeeeeeeetching to the point where it's going to let go and ZING me right in the head.  I hope I have a long time yet before that happens!

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