Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gotta Love Craigslist

I decided that it would not be in our best interests to bring our truly disgusting couch and recliner chair with us to our new house.

It seemed like life would be that much easier if we just dumped them, and brought new furniture directly to the new house.

It never even occurred to me to look for new furniture at a regular furniture store.   Just from the ads on TV, I knew that what I wanted would cost us between 1K-2K.   Way too much on our "just bought a new house budget."

Besides which, my philosophy is that there's just too much "stuff" in the world.  I truly believe you could close all the retail stores, and people could live for a long, long time just on the stuff they trade or buy or sell with other people. 

So I checked out Craigslist and sure enough, just in our area, and just in one day of posting, there were a half dozen couches and chairs that I felt were good enough to investigate.   Just ONE DAY of posting.  

I found one I particularly liked......actually, it's the exact couch I would have bought if I'd gone to a retail store......and I called, made arrangements to go look, and Hubby and I drove about 1/2 hour from home to go view it.

A six-foot couch and a love seat, in deep olive green micro-fiber....perfect worn spots, no holes, etc.   And the people are willing to hold onto it for the two weeks until we move.   $250 for both pieces. 

How can you possibly go wrong?


Joan J said...

Craigslist ROCKS! You might consider checking out sewing machines on there too. I see them all the time in our area, including high tech Janome's for less than half price.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I have never used Craiglist, but in my area a local newspaper has their classifieds online..and it works just like Craigslist (from what I hear)..and it DOES ROCK!

Way to go on the steal of a deal!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh good for YOU!! Yay! And...I LOVE your thoughts on "stuff"! Take pictures when you get set up, OK??