Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time to Settle In

The big move is over.   All our worldly possession are now sitting inside our beautiful new house.  Time to settle in.

Wow.    What a job!  I can't understand the people who are all unpacked with pictures hanging on the wall, etc, before they get back to work on Monday.   I was lucky I could find some clothes to wear on Monday morning, and that I had enough dishes and pans out to cook us a decent supper.   (on a gas stove, BTW, which I haven't used for about 30 years.)

We've found the few "kinks" already in the new house.  

1)  There is not enough room in the kitchen cupboards for both dishes and food.   The cupboards are high.  The top shelf is useless, except for possibly things you use once a year.  Where did the previous owners put all their stuff?   So Hubby's first remodeling job is to make the front "coat closet" into a pantry by putting shelves in.

2)  There is exactly ONE outlet in each room!   Again, where did the previous owners plug in all their appliances, lamps, clock radios, etc?  Everything is plugged in with extension cords which, besides looking messy, is very dangerous.   So the next project will be adding some outlets to each room.

We made our first foray into Lowe's.   Thank God for all our family and friends who gave us Lowe's gift cards for my birthday and for a house-warming gift!   We got wood for the pantry shelves, and a new medicine cabinet.   Hubby and I are both thinking of taking the day off tomorrow!


tag vennard said...

not ALL our worldly possessions. Dont forget our storage unit full of good stuff and im saving room for a (small) piano.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Yep - we've been in our house for almost 15 years and we STILL find things that make me scratch my head and say "Wha??" LOL