Sunday, December 21, 2008


Another snowstorm greeted us today. It was scheduled to start early afternoon but the first flakes started flying about 9am. We were planning to go to Doug and Kara's house for Christmas with my kids and I was worried it would be cancelled but everyone still wanted to go. We are hardy here in New England. This was the scene in the morning BEFORE we got 10" more of snow!
We all managed to make it to Doug's house for the party. Jamie brought stuff for Quesadillas. Kara made some very delicious potatoes. We brought some fruit salad and stuffed celery. Kara made a rum cake for dessert. We ate, we talked, we opened presents. Emily almost, but not quite, got the idea of opening gifts. I think she actually had more fun just ripping the paper. But once the gifts were open she liked the gifts.
She had fun playing with everyone, especially Aunt Jamie.

We had a really nice time. All the guys went outside later and shoveled and snow-blowed Doug's porch and walkways and driveway so we could get out. We drove home slowly but safely. The snow is supposed to stop sometime during the night. Here's our picture window after the snow drifted over the sill outside:


tag vennard said...

1 Christmas down- 3 to go!
I love your blog hunny- are you going to make a AAA one?

Debbie said...

Great photos. I should post some of my rain - really make you guys jealous:)