Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Case of the Mysterious Package

When I went to get my mail yesterday there was a package. Not unusual at this time of year since I do all my shopping online. But it was obvious this package was not from a company. It was from an individual person because it was wrapped in a brown paper grocery bag. The return address was the same as my home address. That didn't make me suspicious, because I know some people do that so that if the package is returned to sender, it still goes to the person they want it to go to.
I brought it inside and opened it. On top was a little poem about how "there is no name, I'll have to guess". Now I was a tiny bit afraid! But when I got the whole thing open, it was a set of penguin Christmas lights!

Now everyone knows how much I love penguins. I've loved them since before they were fashionable - before Happy Feet. In fact, people often pick up little penguin things for me when they see them. They're all over the house.....little knickknacks, stuffed ones, blanket throws for my couch....even the decor in my bathroom is penguins. (all right - I might be a little over the top with that one...but they're SO CUTE!)

So I wasn't surprised to get them. I just wasn't sure who sent them. At first I figured it was my sister, but then when I started figuring out the list of people.....there were many more choices. I finally checked the postmark on the package and it's from Salem. So......if it's someone in-town, it was probably one of my Girl Scout friends. I'm pointing the finger at my friend Gail, who has picked up little penguin trinkets for me before. She probably won't admit to it......and I'll never know for sure.


Debbie said...

How cute. What a nice surprise

Kaye said...

And where are the penguin ornaments on your tree. I put in to be a follower of your blog. Where is your list, tootsie? We penguin fans have to stick together. I have been collecting them for 43 years.