Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Crunch

So it's getting down to the wire here. Only a few days left. This weekend will be a zoo, I'm sure, in my town of Salem, NH.....the shopping capitol of the world. I'm hoping to get out tomorrow afternoon to do some last-minute shopping and buy needed groceries for the weekend. Tonight is my Christmas party for work and I'm working until 5:30 - so today is shot. Tomorrow I sooooo have to clean my house. It's a mess.....and not very clean. My bathroom looks like a gas station rest room. And my parents are coming for dinner on Saturday night so I'd like it to look halfway decent. Tomorrow night we might be going out to see a friend's concert that was postponed because of the ice storm last week. However, they're predicting 6-12" of snow tomorrow, so it might be another Friday night at home.....hopefully this time with electricity. After working on Saturday morning I think we'll be going with Auntie Izzy to check on her son's house. Which means I'll have to have everything ready by Friday for my parents' visit on Saturday. And Sunday is our party with my children. We were having trouble finding the time to get together at the holidays because everyone has so many commitments. So a few years ago we started getting together the weekend before the holiday and it's worked out nicely. That get-together doesn't start until 3pm, so I'll have time on Sunday to do a few sleeping in! Okay, and maybe finishing up anything I don't get done on Friday afternoon. On the plus side, I did finish my wrapping last night.....about 7 hours altogether. Our living room looks so cool with a huge stack of gifts. The biggest one is for Hubby. I hope it's driving him crazy to find out what it is. It's an excellent gift.....I know he'll like it. I'm trying to relax and enjoy. I know I will when I'm all together with my family. In the meantime maybe I should get one of those......what are they called?? Lists?? .....that everyone is talking about.


Debbie said...

I tried a wrapping marathon Sunday and paid for it with a sore neck for two days. Now I'm doing about 30 minutes a day.

Joan said...

Merry Christmas, Karen. Enjoy your day with your family. And no, you don't have to make a list.. lol.. you're SHE-RA!!!! You'll get it all done :)

Kaye said...

If penguins can swim like 60 miles an hour under water, then you can get all that christmas stuff done! I know you can, I know you can.
Have a good one!