Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is Over

Wow, that was fast! Christmas is over in one big rush. I worked 1/2 day Christmas Eve and came home and cleaned and cooked and got ready for Hubby's kids to come over for dinner. I made ham and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and veggies. Hubby made some strawberry shortcake. We had a really nice visit and of course got to see our grandchild, Noah. We got him a "bumbo" seat and he really seemed to like it We were laughing over how his little legs just stuck straight out while he was sitting in his seat, so Uncle Kenny, who is over six feet tall, sat beside him just to see how much longer his legs would be:

Kenny and Noah compared grouch faces:
On Christmas morning, Hubby and I exchanged gifts for each other. Hubby got me a beautiful string of pearls and I got him a violin. We had a nice French Toast breakfast before we took off to visit the families. First we went to Westford to visit Hubby's family. They're gathering is extremely informal. Everyone kind of shows up whenever. We try to get together for 11 so we can be together for opening gifts but if someone's not there yet we go ahead without them and they get theirs later. Hubby's Aunt Arlene on the left and his Mom on the right: Wendy, Kenny and their cousin Amanda:
Pepere with Noah:
Memere with Noah (notice the string of pearls!): From Hubby's mom's house we went up to Danville, NH to visit with my family. My family is a bit bigger than his....about 25 people. They'd had a potluck dinner before we got there. When we got there it was just about time to open gifts. My mom's house is a bit more structured.....most of us get one gift. If you're an adult, you are in the gift swap. If you're a child, you get a gift from Grandma and Grandpa. However, if you are over 18 but still in school, you get TWO gifts, because you are in the swap and also get a gift from Grandma. (It's a loophole that the 18-22 year olds love!) So everyone gets their name called, they come and gift Grandma a kiss, sit on the floor in front of her (carefully facing the video camera so grandpa can get them on tape) and open their gift.
Some random snapshots of Christmas at my Mom and Dad's house.
My Auntie Izzy whom I've blogged about. Hard to believe she's 83!
My Dad manning the video camera. He's sporting his new short, short haircut. So THAT's where Nick got his "sticky-up hair"!
Jessica fingers Jamie, who gave her a "grow your own rubber ducky" as a joke gift:
My beautiful niece Samantha - hard to believe she's 19!
My very handsome son Nick:
My cutie pie niece Laura:
Emily trying to look like she's NOT in trouble:
She's delighted with the very soft kitty cat someone gave her:
My brother John acting goofy - or is it not an act??
Jamie and Jessica annoying each other:
Doug is happy with his gift of a six-pack of beer:

My very handsome nephew Ben - John's son - who is visiting here from Wisconsin.

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