Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Old Friends

Last night I went to a Holiday gathering of old friends. You know I don't mean "old" friends....because certainly no one that I hang around with can be considered old. What I mean of course is old friends.....friends from long ago. This group was all the women I did PTA with when my kids were in elementary school. I was on the PTA board for a lot of years and these women were all either on the board with me or members of PTA. We all bonded, as moms tend to do when involved with their kids. It was amazing to see some of these women. Mostly we talked about our kids, what they're doing and where they're living and what kinds of jobs they have. I loved hearing about what all the kids are doing. Some of them turned out how we would have expected, but many didn't. The most amazing was Eileen's daugther Elizabeth, who was a very frou-frou little girl. She is now in Army Intelligence and is jumping out of planes! Besides myself, there were a couple of others who had grandchildren pictures. We all agreed that there's nothing like being a grandparent. It's MUCH more fun than being a parent. We ate, we drank, we had a gift exchange. We didn't stay late - we all have to get up and work in the morning! But we exchanged email addresses and left amid promises of doing it again next year.

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