Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In honor of Thanksgiving, here are all the things I'm thankful for:
1. My husband. He's the best. The love of my life and the reason for all my happiness.
2. My son Doug. He's a good man. He's an excellent family man, a good husband and father.
3. Doug's wife Kara. She's more than a daughter-in-law to me. She's another daughter.
4. My beautiful grand-daughter Emily. She's the light of my life. She makes me laugh.
5. My son Nicholas. He's another good man. Smart, responsible and hard-working.
6. Nick's girlfriend Kelly. She makes my son happy.
7. My daughter Jamie. She's been a good friend to me.
8. My Mom. She's a good friend, a strong lady, an excellent role model for me.
9. My Dad. He's the most wonderful father any daughter could ever want.
10. My brother John. Another good friend. We have some great times together.
11. John's wife Ruth. He's made my brother happy.
12. My niece Laura. She's given us lots of fun times.
13. My sister Chris. She's a sister to me.
14. Chris' family. They've all been so welcoming, so warm, so enjoyable.
15. Hubby's kids..Kenny and Wendy. They make my hubby so happy.
16. Wendy's boyfriend Allan. He's a good partner for Wendy and a great father.
17. Grandson Noah. Another light in our life. He's a blessing.
18. The fact that I'm so close and warm and loving with my family. I know lots of people are estranged from their families. I'm glad we have each other.
19. All the holidays we get to spend together. Especially Thanksgiving.
20. My good friends - Sylvie, Carol, Debbie, Sue T, Sue F and Gail
21. I get to go out with my friends once a month and keep in touch.
22. A home I can afford to pay for.
23. Plenty of food.
24. Enough money to treat ourselves once in a while.
25. Taking trips and going on adventures with my Hubby.
26. My good friend who helped me get a real job.
27. My real job.
28. A consistent paycheck.
29. Hubby's job is still employing him despite the fact that they have little work.
30. Good books.
31. Simon and Garfunkle
32. Our condo is quiet - we have well-behaved neighbors.
33. We pay for our heat through our condo fee so it is somewhat regulated.
34. The price of gas has gone down.
35. I have a nice car.
36. Hubby gave me a CD player for my car.
37. And an automatic car starter.
38. Hubby's car still runs.
39. Hubby's fried chicken.
40. Ice cream
41. first cup of tea in the morning.
42. Hubby doesn't mind cleaning the oven.
43. We had a beautiful wedding near the ocean - a day I will never forget.
44. The ocean - summer or winter.
45. Hubby's warm body at night.
46. Warm socks.
47. I thought to put money aside each paycheck for Christmas this year so I can afford to get some nice things for my family. 48. Internet shopping.
49. Internet banking.
50. Hubby's family who have accepted me like their own.
51. Hubby's mom, who always has a great attitude despite her physical limitations. 52. My mom's continued good health.
53. Dad didn't miss a step despite his heart bypass surgery last year.
54. They are active and healthy and can still travel and enjoy themselves.
55. I had a chance to work at the summer camp for the past four years.
56. I worked most of my life with children.
57. I still like children even though I worked with them most of my life.
58. Boston Market Chicken
59. Mornings spent lying in bed snuggling.
60. The Sunday newspaper.
61. Internet chat friends.
62. Internet blog friends.
63. I get to work "in-town" where I know lots of people.
64. I work 3 minutes from my home.
65. I can go home for lunch.
66. Meeting all Hubby's musical friends.
67. Singing at open mics.
68. No one screams or throws me out when I sing at open mics.
69. The Beatles.
70. Prime Rib of Beef
71. Cheap coupons from
72. Free shipping
73. Hiking in the woods with Hubby.
74. Craigslist.
75. We don't have to plow or shovel snow.
76. We don't have to mow the lawn.
77. I can cross-stitch.
78. Bette Midler
79. Raspberries
80. Raspberry skin lotion.
81. Contacts.
82. New clothes.
83. Being able to make photo albums with scrapbooking.
84. Digital camera - no more film to buy or develop.
85. Jamie has not been severely injured playing football.
86. A sunny spring day.
87. Clean sheets.
88. Penguins.
89. Penguin movies.
90. Christmas movies
91. Shoes that don't hurt your feet.
92. Being able to put my nightgown on and veg at night.
93. Sleeping
94. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.
95. Hubby's french toast.
96. I got the chance to try white-water rafting....and loved it so much I went back time and time again.
97. I have a hubby who likes to try new adventures and visit new places.
98. We are going away for the weekend in December.
99. Kisses from my Hubby.
100. I made it to 100 and could probably come up with 100 more!

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