Thursday, November 6, 2008

Already Christmas Shopping!

I really detest Christmas shopping. Not because of spending money. I'm fine with that. What I hate is going into the stores and the traffic. We live in Salem, NH which is the shopping capitol of the world ..... or at least of New Hampshire. We have every store imaginable and many that I don't think we really need. Starting NOW it gets crazy. People are out shopping already and from the week of Thanksgiving on, the traffic is so bad we can't get out of our driveway. So a few years ago I found the wonder and joy of Internet Shopping!! It's a Godsend. I absolutely love it. Sit at the computer, often with my jammies on and visit store after store, comparison shopping, finding the best bargains, picking out exactly the size and color I need. Without having to drive through traffic, put up with rude drivers, fight shoulder to shoulder with other shoppers only to find out that the item I wanted is sold out, or they don't have the right color or size. Most sites have extremely low or free shipping at this time of the year. Internet shopping is a miracle! So yesterday I started shopping, and I've already bought 5 or 6 gifts and gotten some really great ideas for some others. I learned the hard way (see the UPS rant blog entry) not to have stuff shipped to my house unless it's small enough to fit in the mailbox and I am SURE it is being sent through the post office. Otherwise it gets sent to my husband's work where I know someone will be there to sign for/receive it. My favorite sites are;, and Check them out! My 5 things to be Thankful for: 1. That the rain that is currenly pouring down right now is not snow. 2. That I worked today....and will be working Salem which is a 3 minute commute and I can go home and eat lunch. 3. That the elections are over, the signs are coming down, and the commercials that are on the air are not political ones. 4. That we have a VCR and can tape shows so as to avoid commercials altogether. 5. That tonight is Survivor night and I can sit decadently on the couch and veg while I watch it....followed by ER!


The Calico Quilter said...

Let me second the praise for internet shopping! Since I discovered the joys of shopping in your jammies I haven't turned back. I can't remember the last time I set foot in commercial establishment except a grocery or a pharmacy between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even last year, after I retired and I could hit the mall at non-peak times, no thanks. And is the best - I even bought patio furniture from them.

Debbie said...

Hi! I'm so glad you found my blog so I could visit here. I love internet shopping too. My only caveat - beware of I have bought from countless places with only good results - two very bad experiences with them!
Also, my family is currently doing 5 good things each night. Very similar to what you are doing.