Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Can One Baby Be So Cute?

Yesterday was my babysitting day. Always a pleasure. Every week when I see Emily she is doing something new. This week she was just popping out with words all over the place. Every time I said something, she would repeat the last word of my sentence. "Emmy, are you sitting in that box?" She'd reply, "Box". She said Elmo, Big Bird, stairs, buttons, dish, up, down, duck, dog, etc. It was amazing that she figured out what words meant and could repeat them so quickly. She did keep me running back and forth yesterday. She loves to press the buttons on the tv. She knows to press the button to turn the TV on and then she presses a button for "touch focus" and the tv makes these red and blue and green lines going up and down the screen. She was fascinated by it. At one point I just let her go for it because, frankly, I was tired of getting up and re-directing her away from the TV. It was funny that she'd push the ON button, push the focus button, then just stand there and watch it like she was watching a show. Besides the buttons on the tv, her next favorite thing is climbing on the couch. I don't know of her mommy and daddy let her do that, but I don't.....mostly because I don't want her falling off and knocking out a tooth on my watch! So every time she'd start climbing, I'd be up and moving her away from the couch. She has endless energy....I don't! She did a couple of funny things yesterday. She actually played hide and seek with me with her rubber ducky. I'd very obviously hide it behind me and say "where's the duck?" and she'd go find it. At one point, I hid it under her blanket and she went over and whipped the blanket off to find the duck. Then she decided SHE would hide it, only she didn't really get that you had to put the duck UNDER the blanket. She just put it on top......but then laughed hysterically when she whipped the blanket up and there was the duck!! I was sitting on the floor at one point and she had her back to me. As she walked away from me, I'd grab her back and pull her in for some kisses until she was laughing. Then I'd put her down and she'd take a few steps and I'd snatch her back. I did that four or five times.....then I let her walk away without snatching her back. After six or seven steps she realized I was not going to grab her so she glanced behind her to see if I was still there. When she saw that I was.....she walked backwards toward me until she was close enough for me to grab her! It's such a pleasure to play with her. She's 15 months old and everything is new and exciting and fun. Sometimes I just look at her with a funny face and she cracks up laughing. Too bad you can't do that with adults without them thinking you're weird!


Emily said...

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choff5 said...

Oh, she's only a month older than my darling little princess granddaughter. I better start volunteering to babysit more because that sounds like so much fun! They really are becoming their own little persons aren't they?

Joan said...

Grandchildren are our rewards for all we went through with our kids :) Wish we lived closer, Karen -- we could have such fun with Brayden and Emily! I loved your post -- I could read the joy of your day in your words. (hug) We're so lucky to live so close to our grandkids!