Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did You Vote????

Hubby and I just went to the polling place and cast our vote for President. It really is an awesome experience to have the freedom to do that. I felt very "American". The FOX news truck was there and the guy was doing a spot when we walked in but we didn't get a chance to be on TV. Oh well. My five things to be thankful for today: 1. That it was a gorgeous fall evening and Hubby and I could walk hand-in-hand to vote. 2. That I got to have lunch with my Mom, whom I've been missing. 3. That I'm feeling more comfortable in my job and not like such a dolt who makes mistakes every time she turns around. 4. That the new shoes I bought turned out to be comfortable. 5. That I thought to put some money away every paycheck for a "Christmas Club" and now I don't feel bad spending it.

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