Monday, November 3, 2008


I received two challenges was from Heidi Lou who challenged me to tell her seven things about myself that people probably don't know. So....
1. I was best man at my brother's wedding.
2. I have 25 first cousins on my mother's side of the family.
3. I love to go white water rafting but I'm too scared to go downhill skiing.
4. I can cross-stitch but can't knit.
5. My first and only plane ride was when I was 40 years old.
6. My first time out of the USA was when I was 47 years old.
7. I've written a full-length novel but haven't been able to get it published.......yet.
The other challenge was from Joan who challenged me to say five things I'm thankful for EVERY DAY between now and Thanksgiving! So I am thankful for......
1. Getting a second chance at marriage and finding the love of my life.
2. Having children who are smart, responsible and are leading the lives of fine, upstanding young adults.
3. My parents who are healthy and active.
4. Two adorable grandchildren.
5. Siblings with whom I'm close and have a lot of fun with.
Speaking of having fun with my siblings reminded me of this picture I have to share with you. It was at my brother's wedding a couple of years ago. My mom wanted a nice picture of just her "children" and we weren't in the mood to cooperate.
On the left is my "baby" brother John, my sister Chris, myself and my brother Steve.
My mom loved the picture so much she had a copy framed for each of us and gave it to us for Christmas.

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Joan said...

That is the funniest picture. It looks like you'all are having such a fun time together!