Monday, November 3, 2008

Manchester Animal Shelter

Son Nicholas has gotten involved in the animal shelter where he lives in Manchester, NH. He volunteers his time two nights a week to go and care for the dogs and cats and walk the dogs. He also sometimes spends extra time there when they're holding a special event. This weekend they had an "Adopt-a-thon". They reduced the cost of adopting a pet in order to try and adopt out more animals.
The shelter is a "no-kill" shelter which means that once they get an animal they keep it there until it's adopted. Some of the animals have been there for months. They also take in animals through the police department. These animals were the pets of people who were arrested and they have nowhere else to go. The shelter houses these animals until the person's court case it finished.....again, sometimes for months.
We went up there yesterday to see the place where Nick spends a lot of his time. It's a very tiny place, jammed packed with cages full of cats. I didn't count, but there were a lot, mostly grown cats, which are harder to adopt out than kittens. There were a dozen dogs as well. Despite the cramped quarters, the place was very clean and the animals were very well taken care of.
I was very impressed with the whole situation and very impressed with my son. He puts a lot of time, effort and passion into his volunteer work. If it wasn't for people like him, these poor animals wouldn't have any place to go. Kudos to Nick.

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The Calico Quilter said...

Kudos to Nicholas and congrats to you for raising such a great son. It breaks my heart to see adult cats in the shelters, knowing that so few of them will find homes. I have adopted adult cats, and they are as loving, sweet and grateful as any kitten that I brought home and raised from babyhood. Thank God for your no-kill shelter. We need more of them, and more people like Nicholas.