Monday, June 9, 2008

Thank God for Air Conditioning!

The New England states are "enjoying" a heat wave! The definition, I believe, of a real heat wave is three consecutive days or more of 90 degrees or more. We are now in our third day of over 90 degree heat and the weatherman is saying another day of it. Saturday we went to Jamie's football game and it was excruciatingly hot for us sitting in the shade on the bleachers...I can't even imagine how hot it must have been on the field. It was the slowest-moving game I've ever seen. The players were just wiped out. Jamie said later she felt like she was "swimming" through the heat. Sunday we went to an outdoor concert back in Fitchburg where Hubby used to live. It's at a place called Cogshall has a small pond and dozens of geese and ducks and one Swan. Hubby and I used to go there often when he was living there. Now it's about an hour's drive. Even though it was kind of ridiculous to go that far considering the price of gas, it was nice to visit the place again. The band playing was called "Help!" and was a Beatles tribute band. Sitting beside the pond there was a little breeze and it was tolerable. I kind of cringed this morning when my phone rang at 6am and I knew they were calling me to sub. The school buildings are made of brick and are like little ovens. I was praying when I answered to at least be assigned a classroom on a first floor, which might be cooler. Much to my delight, I was called to be a secretary....the offices are the only places in the building that are air-conditioned!! At home, I asked Hubby to put in the air-conditioner in the bedroom, which he did do at 10:30 Saturday night. We have an in-the-wall one in the living room, so we're all set now for the summer. I ran the one in the bedroom all night on Saturday and Sunday. I know my electric bill will go up, but I don't care. I want to be able to sleep! Tomorrow will be another bad one, then we're supposed to get some nasty thunderstorms which will cool things down. I'm glad I'm babysitting tomorrow. My chances of getting called in to be a secretary again would have been slim. And if I had to sub in a hot classroom with a bunch of kids who think school is already over.....I might have killed one of them.

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