Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I'm so excited that my Hubby's birthday surprise turned out to be a pottery class! I was hoping it would be but didn't want to tell Hubby I thought I knew what it was...in case it wasn't. But it was! There were only four people in the class which was great. She only spent about ten minutes talking to and then let us get out bags of clay and start working with it. I was glad. I wanted to get right onto that pottery wheel! Leslie, the teacher, gave a demo then watched us and assisted as we went hands-on, step-by-step through the process. I thought my first bowl (or whatever it was) came out the best and they got progressively worse as the night went on! I saved the last one, but will probably throw it back in the bag next week. We each get a huge bag of clay and can make as many pieces as we want in the six weeks. I'm excited about this. I've always wanted to try it. I know it'll take patience and practice.....two things I do not excel at....but I'll try really hard. Thank you my sweet Hubby for a wonderful Birthday Surprise! Tomorrow we are off to Sturbridge...... look forward to a long blog and some photos on Saturday!

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