Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hubby and I had something very unusual happen today. We had absolutely nothing planned! Unbelievable! That never happens. So we got up and relaxed, read, had a nice breakfast that Hubby made, and then decided to check out someplace to go hiking. We've found there are dozens of State Parks in every state. Some of them you have to pay a nominal fee to get into, but some of them are free. They range from beaches to lakes to ponds to just hiking trails in the woods. Today we felt like a hike, so we went online and found the Georgetown-Rowley State Forest. We've been trying to go to new and different places just for the fun of it. This State Forest was about a half hour from our house. We found it easily. We were thankful that we'd printed out a trail guide from the internet because there were no guides at the trailhead. It was a nice little State Forest. The trails were pretty well marked and fairly flat. We're not too excited about going up hills! The odd thing about this forest was that a major, eight-lane highway ran right through the middle of it! We had to go over a bridge to access the other half of the forest! It was too bad, because it ruined the ambiance of the place. Strangely enough, it's the only place we've been hiking where we saw some actual wildlife. Hubby thought some other people were on the trail because he thought he saw a dog, and it turned out to be a fox! He scampered off into the woods when he saw us coming (and before we could snap a picture). Later on we saw a huge, fat beaver waddling across the road from one side of a pond to the other. He hopped into the water and we could just see his little nose as he swam away. We came home and cooked some hotdogs over the grill and watched a DVD on the TV. Now that was a relaxing day!

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