Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Alright, it's a weird title for today but I have to catch up on all the little things I want to talk about.

Pottery - I had my second pottery class last night. I really, really love it. I come home absolutely covered in clay just like a little kid playing in the mud. I do have to say it's so much harder than it looks! AND no Patrick Swayze in tight jeans and no shirt standing behind me! It's one of those things that will just take practice. Unfortunately once the class is over, who knows when I might be able to do some more? Not everyone has a pottery wheel and a kiln at their disposal.

Anyway - last night she showed us how to make a coffee mug, which is good cause Hubby really wants me to make him one. (He sent me a web site with all kinds of hand-made pottery mugs - like I'm going to have any say at all in how it comes out. I told Hubby whatever comes off the wheel in one piece that even vaguely resembles a mug will be his!) I'm still pretty much at the bowl stage, and pulling up the sides to make the coffee mug taller is very hard. By the end of class I was pretty proud that I had pulled the sides halfway as high as I need for a mug! But they were even!

Construction - (Caution!! Ranting ahead!) Yesterday on the way to my son's house to babysit I passed about 8 construction trucks parked on the side of the road with a dozen guys standing there doing nothing. I should have taken a clue.

On the way home they had blocked off the street I needed to go down to get home. Mr. Policeman said I could go the other way. I went the other way and about a third of the way down the road, there was a detour sign! I had to go back the way I'd come and go the long, long way around. Now don't you think the cop could have clued me in??? (He might have, if he'd gotten off his CELL PHONE for a half-second!) Today, same situation. This time I knew not to even try the first way, so I went the long way. Then I decided to treat myself to a salad at Shaw's and when I got there, guess what they were doing??? PAVING the parking lot! Some lady says to her friend, "Why the %$# are they doing that now? It's just STOOPID!" I agree with her....however....Shaw's is right across the street from our house and I sure don't want to listen to the BEEP, BEEP, BEEP of the trucks if they work on it at night!

Anniversary - Hubby and I have been married two years today! Wow! That was fast! We've been so lucky - we never had that first year "adjustment" time. He moved into my condo and it was like he'd always been there. I loved our wedding - I keep telling him I want to do it again! We planned it all ourselves and Hubby was just as involved as I was. It was a blast.
For our Anniversary tonight we will go out to eat at T-Bones and then come home and snuggle on the couch to watch the wedding video. Thank you my sweet Hubby for 2 wonderful years! I can't wait to see what the next 50 years or so will bring!

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