Monday, June 23, 2008

First Day of Camp

Our first day of summer camp was today. It was not the nicest of weather to start our summer! It rained just about all day and there was thunder, lightening and torrential downpours late in the afternoon.It's not so bad for me since Arts and Crafts is under cover anyway, but they cancelled free swim and boating, and athletics had to be done inside the building. The kids had lunch inside the building as well because even though the rain had stopped for a half hour or so, the picnic tables were all wet. The other specialist staff and I chose to eat out on the wet tables rather than in the very noisy building!

It was a typical first day of camp. Thankfully for us, first session is a "soft opening"......meaning there are much fewer kids than later sessions and we can work all the kinks out before the majority of the kids show up. The morning bus was late because it was a new driver and she didnt' know the route and also because she apparently tried to take the turn into our very narrow, bumpy road too tight and had to do an 87 point turn to get in.

The rest of the day went well. Our new floating docks actually floated - we had bets that they wouldn't because they were made of composite which is heavier than regular wood. The kids had fun in Arts and Crafts. The staff did well to come up with activities for their bunks to do in lieu of boating and swim. We even held it together without our AD, who is out on sick leave for another week or two.

And of course, the state inspector showed up just as our director was leaving for an appointment. But our extremely wonderful staff shone through and the inspector left very satisfied.

For once the huge deluge of rain held off until after the kids were on the bus. We had to stick around to wait for car-rider kids to get picked up, so we watched as the camp was completely washed with the rain - a river was running down the central walkway of the camp!

I hope all the kids had fun despite the rain, and I'm hoping for some sunshine for tomorrow!

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