Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Birthday Fun

So tonight I finally find out what my Hubby got for me for my birthday. It's something I have to go to every Tuesday night for the next six weeks. I have my ideas of what it might be, but I'm not saying. Hubby has been particularly close-mouthed about it. He knows if he gives me an inch with the clues I will take a mile and eventually figure out what it is. I'm excited. Tomorrow we leave for our "Spring Trip". Since my birthday is in June and Hubby's is in October, we go away twice a year. Our anniversary is also next week, so we're kind of counting it as our anniversary too, even though I told Hubby when we got married a week after my birthday that he wouldn't be able to give me "combination gifts". We usually go on a weekend, but our weekends in June are full, so we decided to go Wed, Thurs, Fri. This year we decided on Sturbridge, MA. We've stayed in the New England States so far and we've managed to visit each one of them. This will actually be our third time in MA. We've gone previously to Western MA - Quabbin Resevoir area and to Nantucket. I've never been to Sturbridge Village before, so that's the main focus of our trip. We'll leave first thing tomorrow morning and go to our favorite breakfast place - Parker's Maple Barn. http://www.parkersmaplebarn.com/ It's not really on the way.....we'll be going West then South instead of going diagonally. But it's worth the extra mileage. This time we shouldn't have to wait so long since it'll be the middle of the week, and also not Maple Syrup season! Then we're going to have to play it by ear. Our original thought was to go almost all the way to Sturbridge after breakfast and stop at a place called White's Landing where you can rent canoes and go out on the Quaboag River. Then we could check into our B and B in the afternoon. But they're forecasting rain tomorrow so we might have to switch plans. I looked online to find something interesting to do inside that's on the way, and found the EcoTarium in Worcester, MA. http://www.ecotarium.org/ That might be fun. Thursday is supposed to be gorgeous, so we're planning on Sturbridge Village. And Friday we will either go canoeing if we didn't do it on Wednesday or we can go down to Southbridge, MA where they have lots of shops and stuff including an artist's building called 12 Crane. http://www.12crane.com/ And/or we can go to Brimfield State Park. http://www.mass.gov/dcr/parks/central/brim.htm No matter what we do we'll have a great time. Just spending time alone with my Hubby with no phones and no TV and no work.........mmmmmmmm.

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Coffee Slut said...

de-lurking here ...not sure how I found your blog, but I love it!
Hope you have a fun trip! I haven't been to Sturbridge Village for a few years, but I think it's an awesome place!