Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tatamagouche and Baddeck

Once again, we were sad to leave Hopewell Cape and our very comfy Innisfree Bed and Breakfast, but it was time to move on.   This next day was really a "driving day"......all the way from New Brunswick into Nova Scotia to the beginning of the Cabot Trail.

Along the way were some really cute little towns. One of them was "Pictou" where we had some absolutely delicious seafood chowder at a little lunch shop.

Further along we came upon "Tatamagouche" where they had a brewery.  Of course, Hubby wanted to stop!  They had tastings, so we tried a few of their ales, and Hubby bought a growler of  his favorite.

After the long day of driving, we were happy to stop at the "Inverary Resort".   Another lovely place with a pool and hot tub.  They also had a nice dining area with a singer/songwriter playing so we felt right at home!

The claim to fame in Baddeck is the "Alexander Graham Bell Museum".   While it was very interesting, I had to laugh because I believe the only reason it was so popular is because there's nothing else to do there!

They let the kids (or adults too, I guess) make kites and fly them outside.

It was situated on an inlet, so the view was lovely.   Another lighthouse......which seems to be the country's National Decoration.   There were lighthouses everywhere, including as ornaments on people's front lawns.

Time to move along to Ingonish Ferry, which is at the very entrance to Cape Breton Highlands National Park.   Someone with a sense of humor posted this sign:

To get to Ingonish Ferry, you had to take this route.  We didn't realize that you had to take a ferry.   Hilariously, the ferry took you literally 100 yards across the body of water!  It took about 30 seconds to get across!  Why they don't just build a bridge, I don't know.  Maybe because they charge $7 to get across?

Our stop at Ingonish Ferry was at the Castle Rock the highest point of a long, winding, uphill road.  The view was amazing.

My only disappointment along this leg of the trip was that I had planned for a "Puffin Cruise" and, though we showed up at the prescribed time, they cancelled it because the waters were too rough.  We had another chance further along on the trip, but that one also wasn't running for the same reason.

Tomorrow.....Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

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