Sunday, July 31, 2016

Boston Light

Our good friends, Rick and Kate, invited us to go along with them and our friends, Pat and Bob, to take a tour of Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor.  The exciting thing about Little Brewster Island is the "Boston Light" lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in the country at 300 years old.

It was a hot, sunny, beautiful day.  Our trip started with a ride on the ferry out to the island.
Bob and Pat are ready to go!

The scenery was magnificent.  Lots and lots of people were out enjoying the Harbor.

There are many islands in Boston Harbor.  George's Island is the most well-known because of the old fort on the island that you can go and explore.

Leaving the city of Boston behind.

Our first view of   Boston Light on Little Brewster

We met the Lighthouse Keeper, Sally.  She is the 70th lighthouse keeper and the first woman.  

She lives there full-time in her keeper's house.

The highlight of the trip was climbing the lighthouse.  Alex gave us some instructions before we ascended.

There were 74 stairs and two ladders for us to get to the top.

When you get to the gear room, you have to climb the first ladder.   Then the guide has to close the hatch and we had to move around to the other side to allow the rest of the people to come up.  It was very tight quarters.

One more ladder to get up into the very top where the lens is located.

The view was spectacular!

And the lens made for some very artsy-fartsy photos.

 Going back down was a bit easier!

Outside, they had a big bell they were letting all the "children" hit with a mallet.

And Tag 

We found a shady spot for our picnic lunch

Bob on the hunt for the perfect photo

They had a Labyrinth on the ground made out of rope.

There were beautiful views all around

Boston Light

Kate gets a picture of the lighthouse...the City of Boston is in the background.

I was happy that there was a small area where you could go down and climb on the rocks.  Margeurite is a volunteer with the "Friends of Boston Light" and was enjoying discussing all the interesting things we found.

Rick found the best view.

Hubby and I with Boston Light behind us.

Too soon it was time to head back.  Rick and Kate stood at the bow of the boat and enjoyed the cool breeze and the shade.

It was a gorgeous day, perfect weather, interesting sights, and great friends!

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R Cooper said...

Nice work on the photos. Fun trip