Saturday, July 23, 2016

Last Days of Vacation

When we left Halifax, our original plan was to spend two nights in St. John, New Brunswick on the way home.   Hubby said, "What are we going to do in St. John?"    And despite the fact that I had planned every other part of our vacation, I really didn't know.

So Hubby said, "How about if we go back to St. Andrew and spend the last two nights at the Algonquin?"  That seemed like a fine idea to me!  So went back to St. Andrew.

One of the other reasons we went back is because they have an Aquarium there and we didn't have enough time the first time we stopped there to visit it. 

It's their brand new "10 million dollar" Aquarium, and it was nice.  But I had to laugh because nothing beats the Aquarium in Boston!  In fact the young lady I spoke with at the Aquarium says she hears that all the time!

Even though the place was small, we got  the most out of it.

We watched them feed the Seahorses.  They come and eat at a trough like regular horses!

Then we watched a young man feed a tank of fish.  He had to get up on a ladder....the top of the tank was open....and as he threw handfuls of fish food in, the fish went crazy!

And finally we watched them feed the seals.   There was a school group there, so it was fun to listen to them talk about the seals and listen to the questions the kids were asking.

Our second visit to St. Andrews was just as nice as the first.

More bike-riding, more walking on the beach, more rock-collecting, more eating and drinking, more swimming in the pool and enjoying the hot tub!

Our beautiful trip to Nova Scotia is over, but the memories will be in our hearts forever!

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