Saturday, July 16, 2016


It was quite a long drive from Mabou to Halfiax.  We stayed in a Best Western there because I had free points.   But it was nothing to write home about.  Clean, but institutional breakfast, very cold pool and very hot hot tub.

We truly enjoyed going to Harbourwalk.  This is a one-mile boardwalk all along the waterfront, with access to shops and restaurants.

We went there twice - the first time was very foggy.

There is a little island called George's Island in the middle of the inlet.  The city of Dartmouth is on the other side.

All the stores and restaurants were nicely decorated and some had amusing sculptures.

These crazy lamp posts are some kind of sculpture right in the middle of the wharf.

A bit of fog

The Theodore Two is a storybook character that they made into a real-life boat!

Too bad we had just finished eating....these look good!

A photo for our grandson

One of our dear, dear friends gave Hubby some addresses to some record stores. We found this one and I let Hubby loose inside.  He spent every penny in his pocket.

The Farmer's Market turned out to be kind of a bust.  

You can take a riverboat ride.

Instead, we took a "Froggy Boat" ride -  (or Duck Boats to us Boston folks).   Our guide was fabulous.  He was a college student and told us afterwards that it was only his third tour.

After driving all around the city, the Froggy Boat took us into the water.   
I'd always known that Boston got it's annual Christmas Tree from Halifax, and on this tour I found out why.   Right after WWI, a munitions boat and a barge crossed paths in the harbour and caused a huge explosion.  Boston sent every available doctor and all its medical students to aid in the catastrophe.   Ever since then, Halifax has shown its thanks with a Christmas Tree for Boston.

We didn't eat here, but loved the sign!

George's Island at night

We really liked Halifax.  And the next day we found the Public Gardens....which I didn't even know was there!

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R Cooper said...

I still have countless cousins in Dartmouth…and I'll have to send you a photo of the Cooper Family Rock in Sheet Harbour, NS