Sunday, July 10, 2016

Nova Scotia - First Stop - St. Andrews, New Brunswick!

We left on Sunday morning and drove straight up through Bangor, turned right, and crossed the Canadian Border into St. Andrew's, New Brunswick.  And we fell in love!  

We stayed at the Algonquin Resort.  The place was beautiful!  


It had a long  front porch where you could sit outside and have a drink or play a game of Scrabble.  Inside was a large "living room" area with a fireplace at either end and a grand piano!  Hubby found the piano unlocked one night and sat down to play.   He got compliments!

The room we got was very comfortable and big with a king-size bed 
and a seating area that Tag took advantage of!

The bathroom, however, was extremely small!   For a man standing at the toilet, his butt is up against the sink!  And the shower was very interesting.  Glass doors that went from the floor to the ceiling. I have no idea how the water stayed inside the shower and didn't leak under the door.

This hotel had a beautiful indoor pool and a hot tub, which we enjoyed very much!

 Every night after dinner we went down and indulged in a swim and a soak in the hot tub. There was also a twisty slide that we decided we did not want to use!

The hotel let us use their comfy, warm robes to walk from our room to the pool.

The Algonquin also had bikes that they let the guests borrow.  We took them out a couple of times to ride "downtown" - which was really just one street along the waterfront with little stores and restaurants.


There was also a long dock you could ride the bikes onto, so you could go out and see the boats.

Every night we had dinner "downtown" and most often, Tag had Fish and Chips along with a local ale. He tried a different ale every night and was never disappointed.

And there was a pretty cool lighthouse (one of many we would see on this trip)

There were lots of spots to stop and walk on the "beach" -which were all rocky - 
no sand beaches in New Brunswick!

The weather was pretty cool while we were there.  There were several days where it was misting out and the fog made it difficult to see out to the water.

I'll post tomorrow about our visit to Kingsbrae Gardens, in St. Andrews.

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Steve Bowler said...

Keep them coming Karen, I love this.
What a great trip.
This is on our bucket list. Maybe next year