Monday, July 11, 2016

Kingsbrae Gardens

One of the reasons we decided to stop in St. Andrew's was to visit Kingsbrae Gardens.  The weather was cool and misty, but we don't let that stop us!  We had brought along our raincoats  (which we bought on a different trip several years ago when we weren't smart enough to bring raincoats!)

I did have to buy a "Kingsbrae Gardens" baseball cap to keep the rain off my glasses.

Some interesting shrubbery

The oddest tree I've ever seen!

A little house for children to play in

Random Windmill

A "pot garden".....not what I thought it was going to be

Strange flower

A worker directed us to the "Secret Garden".  The entrance was hidden in a hedge.

Some Llamas

And a white peacock we could hear from everywhere in the whole place

They had lots of sculpture

Some flowering plants

Several handy "kissing benches"

Tag's favorite sculpture

This was made of metal and about 15 feet high

Despite the weather, we enjoyed the day very much!

The next day we packed up and moved on to The Bay of Fundy

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Kate C. said...

We could so use some of these "whimsies "