Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Home Improvement Project

Our new house has a mudroom off the kitchen.   It was in very sad condition.   The roof leaked, the lights didn't work, the floor was a disaster.   

Hubby took care of the roof.  And he also installed a new ceiling light and fixed the electricity so the ceiling light and the porch light both worked.  

Then it was my turn.

The very sad floor:

The stained ceiling.  This one is only a partially "before" picture because that is the new light fixture.  The old one was falling apart, rusted and had no glass covering.

If these tiles look familiar....well.....they are.   They are the same as the tiles I put into the bathroom.    6 boxes of these tiles were given to me by my brother.   "Free for Me!!"

Now that the ceiling and floor look so nice, I've decided I want to paint the walls.  It's paneling but I'll paint right over it with a nice bright color.  


tag vennard said...

are we out for hire? "vennard and husband construction"?
sure looks good darling. you didnt blog about how sore you were the next day!

Joan J said...

The difference is absolutely amazing! Nice job, both of you. By the way, I love that Tag reads your blog. LOL I don't think Jeff has ever even been on mine! That's fine - that way I can write about him and he is never the wiser. :)