Saturday, November 19, 2011

What I saw at the Movies

Last night Hubby took me to the movies.  We don't go very often.  It's pretty expensive, even with discount tickets from work.   And we do have to get some movie theater popcorn.   All in all, it cost the two of us $30 last night.

The movie was fun.  Lighthearted.  We had a good time, although the movie wasn't as much fun as the first one.  I did like listening to the little kids in the theater laughing.

What I did find interesting and pretty entertaining was the other people at the theater.  When we got there, the parking lot was packed.  Hubby thought all those people were there to see the opening night of Happy Feet.   I told him no, it was the opening weekend for one of the Twilight movies.

Yes, the place was packed with teenage girls.  Waiting in long lines to get in to see the Twilight movie.

I guess that's not so unusual.   What I thought was amusing was that at least 3/4 of the people waiting in line were doing this:

Now I ask you, as a curmudgeony old lady, what is the point of going out with your friends if you are going to stand next to each other and text other friends?   If you wanted to socialize with the other friends, why didn't you just stay home and hang out with them?  Aren't the people you went to the theater with good enough to chat with?  You have to text other friends, who couldn't be bothered to come out to the movies with you?

Or are they texting the people standing right next to them?

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Kaye said...

As one more curmudgeonly old lady, I can't understand this constant addiction to texting. Ridiculous!