Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My New Craft

My friend Kay, whom I work with, is a "stamper".   She makes all her own cards.  We went over to her place a few weeks ago, and she has a whole room downstairs filled with stamping materials:  paper, stamps, punches, rolling stampers, etc, etc.

I was quite envious.  I love craft paper.  I've been scrapbooking for about 12 years now.   Stamping is one step away from scrapping.  

So she's turned me on to this new craft.  I joined her stamp club.  Every month I HAVE to buy at least $15 worth of stamping materials. 10 or 12 other women do the same.  And every once in a while, I get to be the hostess for the month, and earn free stuff and hostess gifts.

I tried out my new "talent" on two cards for my daughter and my sister.  They're very basic, as I don't really have any materials yet.....but here they are:


elizasmom said...

Gosh those are pretty!

Joan J said...

The cards are gorgeous! You did a wonderful job. I've managed to stay far, far away from both stamping and scrapbooking simply because my darn quilting and sewing habit is so expensive and takes up so much room already! LOL But I can see why people like it. I look forward to seeing more of your creativity!