Thursday, November 24, 2011


My Dad did most of the work of cooking for our Thanksgiving feast.  Then my brother John carved the turkey and we all helped serve it up.

Of course, Dad had to do some quality control taste-testing of the turkey.

Nick, Kelly, Courtney, Sammi and Lloyd wait patiently for the food to come out.

Steve passes some food to Doug.

Ruth and Paul are replete after their holiday meal.

Sammi enjoyed her dinner.

Laura played a little Barbie dolls with the little kids.

Kara leads Ciera, Emily and Hailey in a sing-along.

Jamie and I took the kids on the traditional after-dinner walk.  When I was a girl, we took a walk after dinner to avoid doing dishes.

Aren't these little faces sweet?

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Joan J said...

What a wonderful family day! So many folks live far away from family (myself included) so to see a wonderful huge group like this just does my heart good. Happy Thanksgiving!