Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Professional or Casual?

My company recently merged with another division of the same company.   I don't consider it a merger....it seems more like a takeover.   Because we've made a whole bunch of changes...changes made so that we line up with the way the other division does things.  I'm pretty sure they haven't changed anything to line up with our way of doing things.

We have new insurance, different  holidays, a different sick time and vacation time structure, and we are going to be selling some different products.   New computer programs are right around the corner.  And now the latest change..........our dress code.

Up until now, our offices have been "business casual".   Which means pants, skirts, blouses, sweaters, and capris in the summer.  Something like this:

And the men could look something like this:   (oh!!! How I wish the men looked like that!!!)

Since I'd worked in child care all my life, it was hard enough putting together any kind of business wardrobe. 

Now, we have to look more like this:

Power suits, collared shirts, blazers, stockings, etc.  

I sincerely have nothing that fits into this category.  I don't know how I'm going to do this.  I don't have the money, or the shopping inclination, to get a whole new wardrobe by January 1.

Our other option is to buy and wear company logo shirts.   So I'm thinking my one pair of black dress slacks worn every day, and a couple of logo shirts alternating every other day.   Won't I look pretty?



Joan J said...

Go check out your local Thrift store (there used to be a great one in Andover, MA but I can't remember the name of it)! Yesterday I shopped my local thrift store and picked up two pair of dress pants, 5 shirts and a gorgeous cashmere/wool sweater/jacket, plus an outfit for Mr. B. - for $31!! You can't go wrong these days at thrift stores. It's just a matter of finding the right store that sells great clothes, not just junky used stuff. Good luck!

Kaye said...

I bet this will be a hardship on everyone. Who has the money to shop for a whole new wardrobe? Ridiculous.