Saturday, October 22, 2011

We interrupt this rain for a Sunshine break!

Our New England Fall weather has sadly consisted of rain, rain, and ....oh yes, rain.   Usually I can roll with it, but for some reason this time the rain has made me grumpy, grouchy and frankly, no fun to be around.  

This Saturday I did not have to work.  Which will not be the case for the next FOUR  - yes, count 'em - four Saturdays.

The sun came out, and that, coupled with a non-working Saturday, was a good enough reason to take a day off from chores, housework and renovating and spend the day at the beach.

Hubby took me first to Route 1A in Rye, where there's a beautiful walkway along the ocean.   He found what is probably the last beach rose of summer - ahhhhhh, love the smell!  And I made a little rock formation to commemorate our visit.

Then we headed on down to North Hampton beach.   It was low tide.  I couldn't resist taking of my shoes and enjoying the surf.

Gotta love the "castaway" look.

Dark clouds rolled in and created a dramatic sky.  It wasn't raining though, so we headed to Newburyport.

We walked the boardwalk and checked out the Junk Barn.   As we got into the car, the raindrops began to fall.   

Who cares?

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