Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finally! It's done.....sorta

Today I hung the last picture, put down the rug, and my craft room is open for business.

I'm so pleased with the overall look of the place.  I think it's a place where I can be comfortable.  I surrounded myself with things I like.

The hand-stenciled bureau was given to me by Aunt Izzy.

I already started to scrapbook even before the room was finished.   The collage on the wall is one I did and gave to Hubby to commemorate our traveling adventures.

My brand-new sewing machine, that I haven't even had a chance to try out yet!  I'm anxious to do so!!

Just got this rug today off Craigslist.  The woman said her mother hand-made this rug in the 1950's.   I loved the colors and the ambiance it lends to the room.

This is the reason I have to say "sorta" when I said the room was finished.  I put these shelves in the closet, but now I want some louvered doors.  There are two closets, so brand new ones would be about $100.  I'm keeping my eye out on Craigslist for some used ones.

Some of the cross-stitch I made over the years.  The one on the right is the "Serenity Prayer" cross-stitched by my paternal grandmother.

I'm so happy my room is done.  Now I have someplace to go and putter, create and enjoy.  It was a joy to re-do the room.  What a feeling of accomplishment!


Joan J said...

Love it!!! And I really love that rug. What a find. You might think about leaving the doors off your closet and just finding (or making) some pretty baskets for your supplies. It will be easier to get things out that way. And if you're going to sew -- well, you want to show off your fabric stash once you accumulate fabric! :) Can't wait to see your creativity at work!

tag vennard said...

such a memere room!
beautiful hunny
cant wait to give you tie-dyed fabric to sew up for the Purple Penguin apparel company!
love ya