Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Topsfield Fair

Hubby and I played hooky today and went to the Topsfield Fair.  We certainly picked the right day, as yesterday the weather was so bad they closed the fair early, and today was bright and sunny.

This little guy looks like our cat, Oreo.

Hubby would make a great cartoon character.

We got a lesson in spinning.  Now Hubby wants an alpaca farm, along with some sheep and some angora rabbits, so we can make our own yarn.

The BMX Bike show was pretty darn exciting.

Hubby and I

 Shy little calf.

My son Nick and his new Bride Kelly love Alpalcas

Hubby makes a new friend

Here's how you make an iron pointy thing.

More friends for Hubby

A winning flower display

Hubby could win a prize for his photography

These chicks are just minutes old

Hats, anyone?

Hubby and I were much too chicken to go on any of the rides

We saw Robinson's Racing Pigs, racing ducks, a comedy cooking show, all sorts of farm animals, every kind of food, games, a 1665 lb pumpkin, tons of other fruits and veggies, and we ate stuffed cabbage, cheese fries, fried dough and kettle corn.     I call that a really, really good time.

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Joan J said...

Looks like a great day. I, too, have always wanted to have alpaca and spin my own yarn! I was given some raw wool a few years ago, and I have to say, spinning is the easy part. LOL The washing and sorting and carding are the hard part! Luckily a sheep didn't have to give his life (only his coat) for the mess I ended up with. :)