Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm A Dinosaur

After Saturday night's storm, we were happy to go to The Java Room on Sunday morning, where Hubby had a gig scheduled to play piano for a Jazz Brunch.  

We laughed on the way at the sight of LINES of cars snaking out of Dunkin' Donut parking lots.  Literally 20 or 30 cards in the drive-thru line.   Seriously?  You are that desperate for coffee that you'd sit in this hours-long line?  Although, to give people credit, if they had no power, they probably had nothing else to do.

When we got to the Java Room, it was packed full with more people than we've ever seen there.   There was a long line from the counter out the door.   These people were willing to wait in a long line high-priced coffee.

Inside, most of the tables were taken.  But I found a nice spot to sit with my Sunday newspaper.  I always spend the two hours that Hubby plays piano relaxing and reading the paper.

As I was reading, I became aware that there was much table-moving and jockeying for position.  A gentleman came over and asked to share my table.  I looked over and saw several vacant tables.  And that's when I realized that most of the crowd had come for the internet connections.   Every table had multiple laptops on them, and people were jockeying for plugs to plug in their beloved devices.

While I sat calmly reading my old-fashioned, real paper paper.


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

There's no way I could read a newspaper sad for them. it's a tradition I won't soon give, move over dinosaur, you've got another dinosaur ready to share your newspaper!

Joan J said...

I'm afraid I'm an online news reader, simply because I like to get my news from a large variety of sources (too many news agencies are biased these days). But I'm the same way with books. I doubt you'll ever see a Kindle in my hands. Give me the heft and weight of a good book anytime.