Sunday, October 16, 2011

Making Strides 2011

Today was our fourth time joining in the Making Strides Walkathon to combat Breast Cancer.

The first year, we walked with my Mom, in celebration of her overcoming breast cancer.   By the following year, my Mom was too sick to walk, so a few hardy souls walked for her.   And the next year, we were walking in her memory.   

Our team:
 My Mom's friend Claire, my Dad, my Hubby, my niece Jessica, Me, my daughter Jamie, Jessica's husband Kyle, my niece Samantha, my nephew Marc, my sister Chris and Marc's girlfriend Courtney.

My Dad and my Hubby - they enjoy each other's company.

Everyone says I'm looking more and more like my Dad.

My nephew Marc had his appendix taken out on Tuesday night, and insisted on walking.   "Grandma was in much worse shape, and she walked,"  he said.

Lots of people took the opporunity to get silly.

The crowd was pretty impressive.

My Dad did a great job.  It was a 3-mile walk.  He's been walking every day and has lost about 40 pounds.

It was a beautiful day to walk.   It was a little bit emotional, but mostly we enjoyed the great weather and the company of family.

Our little team raised over $1100.  We did it in memory of my Mom.   May she rest in peace, in heaven with her sisters - she's flying with the angels now.

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Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

from all of us...thank you. Because of people like you that walk...I stand. Your mother was undoubtedly smiling down from the heavens on yo & your sweet family.