Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Wallpapering seems to have gone out of fashion lately.   But the blandness of our bathroom, with beige tiles in the shower area and halfway up the wall, called for a little bit of something besides paint.   I'm not really imaginative with sponge-painting and stuff like that, so I decided to go the wallpaper route.

They really didn't have too much to offer at Lowe's, and I really had to think about where else wallpaper is available.  There's a small store near our house called White St. Paint and Paper, so I headed there.

Here I found the old-fashioned wallpaper store, with big books of samples you could peruse through.  Since I was only wallpapering a small area, I chose to buy a double-roll right off the rack.   It cost me $6.

Here's a glimpse of what the bathroom walls looked like after I pulled down the atrocious wallpaper they already had there.

The crookedness of the walls created a challenge.   No, this is not an optical illusion above the door.  There was almost an inch difference from one side of the doorjamb to the other.

The finished product. 

Of course, I can see every single little mistake, bump, bubble, etc.  But hopefully, overall, it looks better than it did before.


kenneth frank said...

looks great Karen!!

tag vennard said...

wow beautiful!
cant wait to come home and see it in person!
you are the best wifey in the world hunny! I love you

Anonymous said...

Nice job Karen! It looks great from my computer :-)

Joan J said...

You did a great job (hey, it's staying on the wall, isn't it?)! I think you should paint the frame around the mirror to match the dark tile border, or an off-white to match the wallpaper background. Looks great though!